January 2017

What Is the Mortgage Appraisal Process?

                    Today, we are going to talk about appraisals and the mortgage appraisal process. When you go to get a mortgage, lenders approve YOU, and your specific financial situation. A lender will begin by looking at your credit, your income and your debts, the sources of your income, and the specific property you are buying or refinancing. The lender will check that the cost of the home is where you need it to be from a financial standpoint, and that it comes in at the right value by doing an appraisal. Finding an Appraiser When doing an appraisal, a qualified appraiser is brought in to appraise the value of the home. Previously, we could pick the appraisers that we brought in to do the appraisal that knew the area well. However, today there is more of a blind system: appraisers are…

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Are You Thinking About Buying a Chicago Area Home in 2017?

                    With 2016 behind us, and the beginning of 2017 underway, many folks take a step back and look at their New Year’s resolutions and what they would like to accomplish in the coming year. While reflecting on their aspirations for the year, many renters and first-time buyers have the goal of purchasing a new home in 2017. If buying a home is one of your New Year’s resolutions, take some time to figure out and assess where you are now, and where you need to be in order to buy a home. Doing an assessment with a qualified mortgage loan officer will help you determine where you are at financially, and things you can to do to help you prepare to buy a home. Examining Your Savings, Debt and Credit An important aspect of your financial picture is your amount…

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